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"Saving one hen may not change the world,  - Northern Ireland
There are the things we still need and you can help us to get them by making a small donation,either through our PayPal  (button at the bottom of this page) or by sending us a cheque

You can now use 
"Text to donate"
Just text HEN to 70660
Text costs £5 plus Network charge. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer's permission. Customer care 02892613202. Charity number XT34198
It doesn't matter how small, it will all go towards giving battery hens the retirement they deserve. Please donate anything you can, no matter how small. If you would prefer to send a cheque payable to Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing, the address is provided at the bottom of the page. A cheque will save us on the PayPal fees which will mean your full donation will go to the hens. You can also make regular donations by sponsoring a hen. Please read below about some of our special girls.
Sponsor A Hen
Here are some of our hens that cant be re-homed. These girls will stay at the Nut House and you can help us to guarantee them a dignified retirement by making regular donations by Standing Order through your Bank to help with the cost of their upkeep and treatment.
SADIE - now passed over
Sadie has EYP and needs extra close attetion and cant be re-homed
Sadie, has advanced EYP and was given an operation to remove the rotting tissue remnants from her abdomen which would slowly spread poison through her system and kill her. Beside the picture of Sadie is a picture of some, not all, of the infected "gunge" that was removed. Sadie has had to be on Antibiotics long term and will need a close eye kept on her health. For this reason she can not be re-homed as she will have ongoing veterinary expenses.
This is Cruella. She is Blind in one eye and struggles to get her share of foodCruella is completely blind in her right eye and has limited vision in her left eye. When she first came her she had panic attacks when things around her moved and found it hard to negotiate the run. She also had trouble finding the food. Now she has become accustomed to her surroundings and knows that her food is in the same place each day. Cruella wouldn't be able to cope with being moved and needs help when she gets disorientated. She is a loving girl and each morning is the last out of the coop as she can only manage the ramp  when its fully light. Each morning as I clean the coops, she comes over to me and jumps into my arms. I place her inside my coat where she snuggles in and settles down while I finish my cleaning.
EDITH now passed over
Edith is a sad case of the neglect that can occur when so many birds are caged together. Edith arrived with a broken wing. The break was high up near the shoulder and you could feel that it was not a fresh break. There were calcified lumps around the ends of the breaks. Mike Morfett (Chicken vet & Godsend) examined her and agreed that the best course of action would be amputation. After completing the amputation he advised that the wing had been completely shattered and the bones were splintered. This had been an old injury and she would have been in pain for some time. Edith will stay at The Nut House Rescue Centre so that we can ensure she can be safe and comfortable and learn to cope with one wing.
Becky has a badly deformed beak. This has been most likely caused by the practice of de-beaking the hens as chicks to try to prevent them from pecking each other when they are packed into the cages and forced to live in close constant confinement. The pecking behaviour can take place when boredom sets in as the hens have no form of stimulation when in the cages. De-beaking causes pain for the birds as there is a nerve that runs through the beak. Becky's beak can be paired back slowly, a little at a time to make things easier for her when eating, but her beak will most likely always grow back in this shape. Becky finds it hard to get food and need to be monitored to ensure she is getting her fair share. Becky will remain at The Nut House Centre.
Hens like Sadie, Cruella, Edith & Becky above, need extra care and cant be re-homed. Please consider helping us with the cost of their care
If you would like to donate on a regular basis we can supply you with a"Sponsor a Hen" form which you can submit to your bank and make regular donations towards the rescuing and rehabilitation of the hens. Just complete the form below and I will forward you a form.
Request for Sponsorship form
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You Can also make a one off donation through PayPal by clicking the "DONATE" button now
If you would like to make an immediate donation to help these hens please click the donate button above.
All proceeds will go towards the rescue and re-homing of battery hens and help us to purchase the following supplies
A Basic feed dispenser costs about £15 we need 15-20
A basic water dispenser costs about £15 we need 15-20
A bale of shaving costs £6 we need about 10 to keep us going for 2 months
A bale of hay costs about £20 we need 1 a month
A 20kg bag of Layers Mash costs about £8 and we need about 12 a month
Poultry crates cost £30 each and we need 8 just to bring out 120 hens
We can build a 75 hen shed for about £900. We have 2, but need to buy wood for another 2
75 meters of electric netting will cost about £300
Medicines, such as Baytril, Metacam & Nystatin will also be required for those birds with health problems. These can only be purchased through a vet and on average are about £25 a bottle.
We also need more wood to build our bio-defences between different areas and fencing to secure the perimiter of the rescue centre.
Our Address & Contact Details
Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing
The Nut House
16 Nut Hill Road
Co Armagh
BT67 0PH
Phone 07973 270133
Nut House Hen Rescue & Rehoming is the trading name for Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue, Company Number NI611869 & Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address is The Nut House, 16 Nut Hill Road, Moira, BT67 0PH. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue is a non profit organisation registered as a charity with HMRC, registration number XT34198